Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Facebook Changes Privacy, Sharing and Photo Tagging Features

The Facebook changes are designed to make sharing individual items, photos or posts on Facebook more granular. People can now choose on each post who exactly they want to share with right on the post. They can choose with dropdown list from choices of: a public post to the web, just Facebook friends, or a select group of friends. The list will later expand to include smaller friend groups that people have created, or Facebook Groups.

Previously controls on Facebook sharing had to be done from Facebook's intricate main privacy settings. The changes sound very similar to how Google+ works. Facebook, however, says they aren't a response to Google+. "We’ve been working on building these updates over the last few months and, as we said a few weeks ago, this is launch season and we’re ready to get it out of the door," a Facebook spokesperson said.
The Facebook changes do not affect how Facebook's overall friends lists work, however. The friends lists and how they're set up on Google+ were one of the main distinguishing features from Facebook. That hasn't changed, but these changes from Facebook answer one issue people have had with Facebook: you don't know who you're sharing posts with.

Another big change Facebook made is to photo sharing. Now when people are tagged in photos, they can approve whether they are tagged before it is applied. This prevents people from being able to tag you in embarrassing photos and sharing those photos with all of your friends. As a result, this could make people more willing to adjust their Facebook settings to automatically share photos that they're tagged in with friends.
One other big change: now you can change who can see a post after you post it. Previously you couldn't change who could see a post. Now you can go back and adjust any gaffes you make with inadvertent posts.

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