Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Gmail Capacities Continue To Increase

Last Friday, Google revealed their intentions to increase the storage capacity of Gmail accounts, moving them past the 1-gigabyte mark.

Currently, the Gmail storage capacity resides at 2057 megabytes and it continues to increase. There has been no word from Google on how much longer the increase is going to occur. They have dropped hints that they would be increasing Gmail's capacity past the 2-gigabyte mark on their blog, which says, "to celebrate our birthday, we're giving all Gmail users another gigabyte of space, and then some."

With the counter continuing its increase, which is already past the 2-gig mark, users can only guess where it will stop.

With the Gmail increase well under way, one can imagine Google's competitor's to follow suit. However, Yahoo only recently announced their intentions to increase storage on their free accounts from 250MB to 1GB.

Microsoft's Hotmail, which still resides at a 250MB capacity, has yet to respond to Yahoo and Gmail's recent increases.

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