Wednesday, April 13, 2005

What is a goldfish?


What does a goldfish look like?
Seemingly simple questions, right…..?
If you are new to the world of aquaria, walking into your local fish store to buy a simple goldfish may be more complicated than you have anticipated. Goldfish can be:
red, white, orange, blue, chocolate, black, silver, multi-coloured….and oh, yeah…gold too. Have dorsal fins, missing dorsal fins, two tails, single tails, fantails, veiltails, butterfly tails… bubble-eyes, telescope eyes, celestial eyes, dragon eyes headgrowth, hump back, sleek bodies, round bodies, plump bodies, pompoms. Although all goldfish belong to the same species (Carassius auratus), there are literally hundreds of different breeds of goldfish that have been selectively bred from the domesticated asian carp. The following is a comprehensive, though far from exhaustive listing of the different goldfish breeds available today.

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