Friday, July 01, 2005

One month trial from Netscape ISP

ONE-MONTH TRIAL MUST BE USED WITHIN FIRST MONTH OF INITIAL SIGN-UP. TO AVOID BEING CHARGED A MONTHLY FEE, SIMPLY CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP BEFORE TRIAL PERIOD ENDS. Premium services carry surcharges, and communication surcharges apply in some areas, and charges for tech support may apply. Members may incur telephone charges on their phone bill, depending on their location and calling plan. Offer is available to new members in the U.S., age 18 or older, and a major billing method is required. Netscape may contact you to help you complete registration and take advantage of your Netscape Internet Service. For full Terms and Conditions visit Account and Billing Help from Help Central or click here.

*Web Accelerator can load certain web page text and graphics faster than with a standard 56k dial up Internet service. Actual speeds may vary.
Pop-up Blocker requires Internet Explorer® 5.0 or higher. Netscape Browser 7.1 includes Pop Up Manager features.

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