Thursday, June 23, 2005

Travelers can purchase special-rate airfares

ONETRAVEL.COM is the one place travelers can go for all their needs. We are a leading value-oriented travel website dedicated to offering consumers low price and great advice. At ONETRAVEL.COM, travelers can purchase special-rate airfares, including exclusive White Label fares, receive instant confirmation on reservations at over 54,000 hotels worldwide, rent cars from all major agencies and save up to 70% on vacation packages. Our partnerships in the travel industry make it possible to pass along the products and savings customers want.

Save Up To 70% On Your Next Trip!

Our President and CEO Michael Thomas founded ONETRAVEL.COM, Inc. in September 1995 just as the online travel industry was starting to develop. Thomas’ mission was to develop an automated way to sell travel-related products on the Internet. Launched in January 1996, ONETRAVEL.COM quickly earned a position as a leading travel site for budget-oriented consumers. We’ve grown, and so has our site.

Today, ONETRAVEL.COM strives to provide the best in both pricing and information to consumers. Our patent-pending White Label fares offer an economical way to travel at rock-bottom prices. But we don’t stop there. We offer the best in travel advice to help consumers maximize their travel time - and to travel smart! Travel Experts Bob Jones and Mike Putman call on their years of travel experience to provide tips and answer consumers’ travel-related questions.

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